About the Author

Johnny Oddsocks is a children’s author and illustrator from the West Midlands, UK.

He is the father to two boys who are the main inspiration for his writing, and the reason he has little time to do it!

He has released books in two series.

The “What’s My?” series helps children explore a particular topic, with characters trying to find an instrument, or a job that suits them best. The majority of the outcomes are humourous failures – with the subjects of the story persevering to show that there is always something that you can do well.

The “Freddy the Bird” series is a madcap comic style adventure. Poor Freddy gets thrown into all kinds of situations, none of them are really his fault. The first book “The Leap of Faith” is out on June 6th.

View all of Johnny’s books on Amazon.com.

View all of Johnny’s books on Amazon co uk.

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