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Lady P’s First Day – by Robert F. DeFinis

It’s Lady P’s first day at Kindergarten – and she’s understandably nervous and excited. It’s a big day for her!

But things don’t quite go as planned. School is cancelled!

There’s been a virus, and she can’t go to school. Learning is virtual. Eventually things start to get better and she can go back to school – in a proper classroom!

This book is beautifully illustrated and deals with a lot of the confusing issues that children (and their parents!) will be facing at the moment. It explains virtual learning and why it is still effective, and talks about the return to school and some of the differences to normal. I recommend this as a way to help calm your nervous child, and explain to them the reasons for some of the changes we are living with in this very strange world that we live in at the moment.

You can buy it here:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

And find Robert / view the trailer here!

Thanks for reading this book review – if you have children returning to school soon I recommend Lady P!




All reviews are written by Johnny Oddsocks, author of children’s books What’s My Instrument? and Freddy the Bird.


Published by Johnny Oddsocks

I'm a father, children's author and illustrator from the West Midlands, England

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