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Toby to the Rescue – by Margarita Kosior

Toby to the Rescue is not only a lovely children’s book, but also a story with a fantastic message – to raise awareness for stray animals and to encourage you to adopt a stray dog.

The story is written in a flowing mix of simple prose and rhyming speech – and accompanied by the colourful images drawn by her daughter Evita, this makes it a really easy book to read.

It’s main character is Little Nick, who is enjoying a lovely day at the park – when disaster strikes. His favourite Teddy has gone missing! Fortunately, there is a helpful stray dog who sniffs out the missing toy, and makes Little Nick happy again. Little Nick and his Mummy adopt the stray – but not before Mummy teaches about how much work it is, an important lesson to have learned before you have a pet!

View of the expert (my two year old boy): My favourite bit was when Little Nick played on the roundabout

Buy Toby to the Rescue – here!

You can find out more about Margarita and her books on her website. I recommend looking in the “Resources” section where you will find a number of fun activities, including educational children’s games and printable mazes / quizzes. Please also say hi on social media!

Thanks for reading this book review – Toby to the Rescue is was a lovely story, with sweet illustrations, written with a great cause in mind. Recommended!




All reviews are written by Johnny Oddsocks, author of children’s books What’s My Instrument? and Freddy the Bird.


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I'm a father, children's author and illustrator from the West Midlands, England

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